Don’t like the way government is running, check the Constitution…

I’m sick and tired of political pundits and politicians criticizing the President for EVERYTHING that’s wrong with our government and their inability to legislate.

Maybe I’m reading from the wrong Constitution but the last time I checked, the only powers that were endowed to the President of the United States were:

  • is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. He or she has the power to call into service the state units of the National Guard, and in times of emergency may be given the power by Congress to manage national security or the economy.
  • has the power make treaties with Senate approval. He or she can also receive ambassadors and work with leaders of other nations.
  • is responsible for nominating the heads of governmental departments, which the Senate must then approve. In addition, the president nominates judges to federal courts and justices to the United States Supreme Court.
  • can issue executive orders, which have the force of law but do not have to be approved by congress.
  • can issue pardons for federal offenses.
  • can convene Congress for special sessions.
  • can veto legislation approved by Congress. However, the veto is limited. It is not a line-item veto, meaning that he or she cannot veto only specific parts of legislation, and it can be overridden by a two-thirds vote by Congress.
  • delivers a State of the Union address annually to a joint session of Congress.

The President of the United States CAN’T WRITE OR PASS LEGISLATION, that’s the job of Congress who for the last four years HASN’T DONE IT!

If you don’t like the direction of the government, pay more attention to who you elect to the Senate and the House of Representatives!


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