Mitt Romney Supporters…

If you support Mitt Romney for President of the United States and your own personal income is less than $250k a year, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself WHY?

He doesn’t support any policy that directly benefits you.

So if it isn’t his stance on policies then what is it??? Be honest with yourself?

Are those convictions SO strong that it justifies going against policies that are in your economic best interest?

Is having an African American President so reprehensible that you will cut-off your nose to spite your face?

Can you look at your children in the face and have an argument to justify your vote?

Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the 99% and he’s hasn’t lied about his position.

He’s back-peddled on every issue he’s ever had just to get votes.

If a man stands for nothing, than he’ll fall for anything. Do we want to put a man in the Oval Office with those morals?

I didn’t agree with Senator John McCain on a number of issues just like Rep. Paul Ryan; but one thing I can say is I respect the fact they truly BELIEVED what they said.

What I can’t respect is a man who will compromise his principles just to win the election. He has NO moral fiber so I don’t respect him.

Think about that when you vote on November 6th.

The Choice is yours America!


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