Thankful Thursday: Joe Biden’s Sassiness

Like the rest of America (well, most of America, at least) Thursday night I watched Joe Biden and Paul Ryan duke it out like any old father and his son  any staunchly Democrat and Republican Vice Presidential running mate would. Paul Ryan acted as if he had his shit together, yet looked like a little puppy being scolded when Biden would start frothing at the mouth. My favorite part of the debate? Joe Biden’s passive aggressive smile and sarcastic laugh. Joe Biden’s sassiness is unmatched by anyone in politics… or anyone in the public eye at least. Which is why it’s fitting that kissmysass dedicate a post just to the sassiest man in politics, Mr. Biden.

Let’s be real here. Thursday’s debate was no different than a father quarreling with his adolescent, possibly pre pubescent son. Afterall, Biden’s youngest son, is about the same age as Ryan (42). Earlier this…

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