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“Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” George Bernard Shaw


Is This The End of Democracy?

“Mayor Chris Doherty’s decision to cut Scranton public employees’ salaries down the minimum wage will become the “new template” for how American cities treat their workers, The Ed Show’s Ed Schultz said on Tuesday.

The pay cuts were implemented in violation of a court injunction. In response, the fire fighters and other public employee unions sued Doherty on Tuesday for contempt of court.” – Ed Schultz MSNBC

Why aren’t these State and local leaders being charged with contempt for violating court orders when they ignore judicial decisions which prevent them from shredding the Constitution?  If an average American citizen ignored a court order, they would be jailed and/or fined.

It’s okay to have opposing views but the Constitutional was created by the Founding Father to specifically address their disenfranchisement under the British system of government.  Now hundreds of years later, they have become that which the Founding Fathers vehemently against.

Let’s be clear, voting is a Constitutional RIGHT, not a civic duty.  This means American citizens shouldn’t have to pay money in order to exercise this right.

If politicians believe their policies are what’s best for America then there is no need to prevent US citizens from voting.  The beauty of democracy is that the MAJORITY rules, not a few little ‘dictators’ imposing their views and/or will on FREE citizens.

As an American, it is NEVER okay to infringe on our Constitutional right to vote.  It’s NOT okay for elected officials to blatantly disregard the judicial decisions of our courts.

Some people say they want their country back but what country are they referring because what’s happening in America now is NOT the United States of America.

Ed Schultz: Scranton, PA’s massive pay cut for public workers is beginning of the ‘new template’